Unexpected malfunction

Dear readers, it has been a while since my last post because I’ve been a bit busy lately but today I would like to resume the blog activity with a rapid update directly from ASPS. Unfortunately there have been some technical problems with F242 thruster or, to be more specific, in the connection with the ballistic pendulum. On […]

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ASPS position on Displacement current

This post is the conclusion of the brief history of ASPS written by Laureti for NASA spaceflight forum. Here he clarifies the Association point of view regarding the existence of the Displacement current. E.Laureti: With a few other physicists I’m fighting for years a battle about the nonexistence of the displacement current. Nonexistence in which many […]

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F242 – The game changer

Have we found the sail for the sea above our own? Dear readers today news are exciting! I’m reporting an excerpt from the description of PNN prototype Fert242 written by Emidio Laureti. The post is long but I kindly invite you to take your time and read it until the end, because it describes the physical behavior of PNN like […]

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The bet

Can this scenery be just one year away? Since its online debut ASPS has beckoned a lot of detractors. After the umpteenth provocation, on February 16th 2012 Emidio Laureti decided to place a bet with them: If PNN, from now to 5 years, won’t be able to: transport in a single mission to Mars in less […]

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Out of order

  Dear readers, a couple of days ago my pc decided to die. I’m waiting for a new hdd, so there will be a delay in the publications. Sorry for the inconvenience. Sergio

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